Today is my birthday.

My inbox is PINGING off the hook with Happy Birthday Facebook notifications. Better get this post done!

First of all, I feel pretty amazing for forty two years old. I ran a mile today with a pace of 7mph, which isn’t too shabby for an old fart like me. But let’s get into the good stuff.

1. My greatest accomplishments in life.

What am I most proud of? It’s easy to figure out the list toppers:

My family.

By the grace of God, Shauna and I have built a Christ-centred, loving, creative, fun, and intimate marriage. Over the years we’ve raised three amazing kids. We aren’t perfect, by any stretch—and neither are our chillun’. But the way we talk stuff through, fight stuff out, cuddle, laugh, play, and learn together is far more than I prayed for before this all began.

My ministry.

We’re currently in the thick of good things at Dalhousie Community Church, and what’s closest to my heart is the rich community we’ve built with so many other amazing people. Our Life Group (and several others at DCC) have multiplied into two groups since we began. I think we’re poised to multiply both groups this coming year, Lord willing. I love you guys so much!

Second, our nine years at Winkler M.B. Church. When we arrived, there were about forty-five youth. When we left, there were forty-five leaders. Kids came to Jesus. Countless kids baptized. Married. Their children dedicated. Many of the youth serving as youth leaders after graduation. God helped us build a community of serving and Jesus-loving that blows my mind, even today.

My writing.

My first published book, Take the Plunge: Journey Into Prayer was really exciting. I wrote it for my youth group and it was picked up by our denominational publisher and had a decent run in our Mennonite Brethren Circles.

Finding Home: A Parable of Kingdom Life came next, a self-published novella that did fine here in North America but was picked up by Neufeld Verlag, a German Publisher. It’s now in it’s third printing over there without any help from me. I never dreamed I was writing for Germans, but I’m thankful to Jesus for the crazy opportunity this has given me. I’m still hearing stories of lives being changed.

2. My dreams.

I dream of catalyzing a kingdom movement here in Calgary that leads thousands of people to Jesus. I dream of DCC “taking off” and planting clusters of satellite churches that plant more churches.

There are currently seven books in my brain waiting to be written: A sci-fi, two speculative fiction thrillers, a classic thriller, a fantasy, and two non-fiction books revolving around my time travel concept. I dream of getting those books published and more I haven’t thought of yet. I dream they will change countless lives and engage people with Christ in deeper ways than they could have ever imagined.

I dream of the Geek Faith Tribe numbering in the thousands, becoming a place where Geeks of faith find a home and encouragement for being themselves wherever they are.

3. My Tribe.

Since it’s my birthday, can I ask you for a favour? Or two?

1. Pray for me today. whatever God lays on your heart. I’d love it if you posted the prayer as a comment.

2. Share this blog or the Geek Faith Tribe on Facebook. It will help my dreams come true.

Have a great day. I know I will.


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Brad is a Church Planter, geek, author, and social media-ite with a passion for exploring the sweet spot where Geeks and Faith Unite.
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  1. Will I don’t consider myself a “geek,” I’ve not had the proper definition to discern if I am one or not! Anyhow, a prayer:

    Father, I’ve enjoyed getting to know Brad at Mount Hermon Christians Writers conferences. In my mind he is just one cool dude! What I see Lord is a man with a calling for Christ center living, one that seeks to spread the good news of your love, mercy, and grace. I do pray that in all his endeavors he will hear your voice, which says walk this way, take this road. May Brad be like the Apostle Paul and not question when he hears your voice, he’ll know that he knows that he knows!

    As with all us authors and writers, Lord, bless his work, let the message you placed on his heart be delievered to the right people at the right time, which only you can do. In Jesus Name Amen!

  2. Happy Birthday and my prayer for you is that you walk around your dreams like Israel walked around Jericho (can you tell I’m currently reading The Circle Maker). That you claim the dreams God has for you and continue to pray around them until he brings you the promises he has for you. My sincerest thanks for this blog.

  3. Happy Birthday, sir. I am hopeful that you will find it an enjoyable one.

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself and your life with others. It is gratifying that God can and does use you to make a difference in others. I am sure that is your sentiment as well.




    Thanks for sharing Brad with us, our lives are better with him in them.
    I ask that you pour out your spirit and anointing on him in way’s that he’s never experienced before. Open your floodgates…he’s ready.
    Increase the talents and abilities that You’ve given him.
    Use him to reach this world far and wide for You.
    Deepen his friendships even more, may they be a soft place to rejuvenate. Please protect and enrich his family.
    Open doors, windows…vents, whatever it takes to get his writing out there.
    So many lives will be better for reading his books because You speak so vividly through them.
    May your grace and humility and love flow through Brad in epic proportions this year.
    May this be a year that we look back upon as a landmark to a new and monumental season in his life.
    Thank you for giving Brad a heart that chooses You, all of You, wild and untamed .
    Take him on a grand adventure, Father.

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