Mars One Project: Human settlement on Mars by the year 2023

Welcome to Mars One.

Don’t speak. Just watch. Then let’s talk.

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Is it just me, or is this mind-boggling? The older gentleman is Nobel Prize winner professor Dr. Gerard ‘t Hooft talking, in case you care.

A few reactions:

1. The little kid in me is bouncing off the ceiling. My thoroughly sci-fied imagination is firing on all cylinders. I’m salivating over the possibilities of an insanely amazing frontier to explore and experience. Just wow.

2. My heart is gripped by a subtle terror as I think about the vastness of space. I think actually living on Mars would be horrifying as much as it would be exhilarating—not because I believe in Ray Bradbury’s dystopian Martian Chronicles, but because of the infinite loneliness and exposure. I think I’d feel reverse claustrophobia.

3. My heart is drawn to pray—and then to worship; to think again about how big God must be to create all of this and hold it in the palm of his hands.

What do you think of Mars One? Good? Bad? Cool? Scary? Let’s talk!

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Steven Sukkau says:

Don’t get me wrong, living on MARS would be coooooool! But after awhile I’d want to come back to earth and tell stories, that’s the best part of doing cool things, telling people about them afterwards! lol

Steven Sukkau says:

Live the rest of your life on Mars? Did I hear that right? Wow, I don’t know if I could commit to something like that.

bradhuebert says:

No kidding, eh? As one of my friends said recently, “Gah!”